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A Word From Our CEO

By Michael Selden on December 14, 2021

2021 has been a whirlwind for all of us, for Finless it’s been our best year yet. We’ve finally done what we were told couldn’t be done: costs starting to fall in line with bluefin equivalents (or similar). This inflection point caused quite a stir when we began raising our Series B, giving us a massive jump in valuation that we’ll be talking about publicly quite soon. But it wasn’t the only inflection point. Another big success for us has been scaling our highly-rated and now highly-sought-after plant-based tuna into a serious manufacturing workflow. It’s surreal to see some of our work being produced by the hundreds of pounds rather than in a lab.

The next year is going to see a lot of growth for us. We’ll be fully moved into our pilot plant / tasting facility in the next few months. We’ll be selling our plant-based product in the US in a similar time frame. If we keep hitting our technical milestones the way we intend to, we’ll be at cell-cultured muscle densities equivalent to wild-caught bluefin in 2022.

I’m excited to grow this company. Finless has been my and Brian’s baby for about five years now, and it’s changed us both for the better in every way. I’m excited to hire scores of people, I’m excited to be a real brand people can see and eat and interact with, and most of all I’m excited to make a difference for the ocean. Climate change and ocean ecosystem destruction is breathing down our necks, and there has never been a more important time for solutions. I sincerely believe that Finless is one of those solutions. Thank you all so much for supporting us, watch this space for more.



Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Wins 

The third quarter marks another critical milestone for Finless Foods as we further expanded the R&D capabilities at our pilot facility, after wholly occupying the space in April this year. We now can grow our bluefin tuna cells at larger scales, quickly analyze their nutrient requirements, and produce our bluefin tuna sashimi prototypes with shorter iterations. Looking back on our 17-month journey, the construction of this pilot facility was not trivial, and we did it all during the COVID-19 pandemic.  [...]