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We Do…

Plant-Based Tuna

Our plant-based (PB) tuna is in a raw-like form and wonderfully versatile. Just thaw and serve. Our PB tuna is low in calories with no animal-derived ingredients.

Cell-Cultured Tuna

Our cell-cultured (CC) tuna is made from real tuna cells that we grow in a well-maintained food production facility, like those used to make cheese or microbrews. Our CC tuna is comparable to raw sushi grade tuna, and features all of the delicious traits of wild-caught tuna.

How It Happens

Plant-Based Tuna


Plants are the base of our product, used to create the fish-like texture


Plants are cut and cooked, similar to using a stove in a home kitchen


Plants are infused with Finless’ ingredient blend to create the same taste and texture of tuna


Our Finless plant-based tuna is enjoyed by you!

Cell-Cultured Tuna


Cells are collected from the high-quality meat of a real tuna


The cells are fed salts, sugar, proteins, and other nutrients to grow and multiply within a bioreactor, similar to what happens naturally within an animal


Scaffolding is provided so that the cells can assemble into a defined 3-D structure

Our Finless cell-cultured tuna is enjoyed by you!


The Team

Michael Selden

CEO and Co-Founder

Brian Wyrwas

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

Shannon Cosentino-Roush

Chief Strategy Officer

Brandon Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Advisory Board


David Stachura, PhD
Lucy Lee, PhD
Terence M. Bradley, PhD


Atul Sood
Sean Trigony
Tom Chi


Dick Jones
Jack Kittinger
Michael Sutton



Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Wins 

The third quarter marks another critical milestone for Finless Foods as we further expanded the R&D capabilities at our pilot facility, after wholly occupying the space in April this year. We now can grow our bluefin tuna cells at larger scales, quickly analyze their nutrient requirements, and produce our bluefin tuna sashimi prototypes with shorter iterations. Looking back on our 17-month journey, the construction of this pilot facility was not trivial, and we did it all during the COVID-19 pandemic.  [...]