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Without fishing or farming, Finless Foods is bringing real fish to your table. Here’s who we are — and why we’re taking on this challenge.

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A Little About Us

Finless Foods is a food startup working toward a world where everyone has access to healthy, delectable seafood, without the environmental devastation or the health hazards of traditional fishing and aquatic farming.

We use cutting-edge cellular-agriculture technologies to grow marine-animal cells, creating fish and seafood products enjoyed around the world. This means the world can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood at affordable prices, without catching or farming the species on which they’re based.

We’re starting by producing bluefin tuna, a fish that has recently been threatened by predatory fishing practices. We plan on easing the strain of wild fishing on bluefin tuna by producing it in a clean, safe way on shore. This will help our ocean ecosystems and provide a luxurious, healthy source of protein for people to enjoy.

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Clean Fish, Demystified

Our method is simple. Instead of fishing, or harvesting living fish and seafood, we produce the same fresh fish proteins by growing high quality marine animal cells. It’s not “lab food,” it’s not vegetarian. It’s real, fresh fish.

We do this in five simple steps:

Step 1

Source high-quality fish cells

Step 2

Feed cells nutrient-rich ingredients to grow

Step 3

Grow and multiply cells in a local, food-certified facility

Step 4

Structure cells into real fish fillets and steaks

Step 5

Ship fish directly to end consumer, restaurant, or food retailer

Benefits of Cell-Based Fish

Our groundbreaking production method has a host of benefits — for our oceans, for the planet, and for you.

Fish Friendly

Producing fish directly from healthy marine-animal cells instead of live animals means we don’t need exploit our ocean ecosystems or kill fish to enjoy seafood.

Reduced Shipping

Since our cutting-edge tech enables us to produce clean fish in urban centers, you’ll have access to locally-produced fish, free from the environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting fish across long distances.

No Fishing Fleets

Distributed, local production also means fewer fishing fleets that run on fossil fuels, helping us do our bit to reduce ocean pollution and fight climate change.

No Nasties

By bypassing the ocean and fish farming, we produce the same fish — but without the mercury, plastic, and other environmental contaminants. That also means less hormones and antibiotics than aquaculture farming.

Luxury Fish, Affordance Prices

We aim to price match luxury fish species like bluefin tuna to start. But over time, our goal is to produce many other high-value fish species, from mahi-mahi to halibut, so fish lovers around the world can enjoy high-quality, luxury fish at affordable and accessible prices.

Local Seafood, Everywhere

Our distributed, local production model means we don’t have to deal with middle men, making our goal of delivering affordable, fresh fish easier, whether you live on the coast or an inland region.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of scientists, technologists, and foodies passionate about delivering sustainable, healthy fish and seafood to the world.

Michael Selden

Michael Selden

CEO and Co-Founder
Mike’s background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has played a big role in him dedicating his life to climate justice and science advocacy. His research has spanned fields from solving food crises in Africa to marine conservation in Southeast Asia. He’s worked for New Harvest and was also Editor-In-Chief of Chinese news website, ChinaSMACK.
Bryan Wyrwas

Brian Wyrwas

CSO and Co-Founder
Brian’s background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is inspired by a deep desire to learn how the world works at a core level. At Weil Cornell Medical College his scientific research was based in the field of endocrine oncology, with a focus in the primary culture of cells that experience uncontrolled growth for therapeutic interventions.

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