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Author: guadalupe

credit: Logan Mock-Bunting

What Does It Take To Make Tuna?

By Finless Foods Impact Advisor, Jack Kittinger Tuna are incredible. If you’ve ever seen a video clip of tuna in a feeding frenzy, they look like missiles, moving at incredible speeds. If you’re a mackerel, you hardly stand a chance. Looking at this amazing animal in action, I had to wonder, what does it take to make tuna?  I think it takes three things. First, [...]
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Finless Team

Finless Is Kicking Off 2022 With a Bang!

In great Finless fashion, we’ve wasted no time kicking-off 2022 with a bang! Not only did we celebrate five years in business, close and announce our Series B at $34 million – receiving widespread and resoundingly positive coverage (the most social media impressions we’ve gotten ever) – we’ve also been busily marching toward the national launch of Finless’ plant-based tuna which is officially happening at [...]
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Finless at NFI 2022

Finless Foods attended The 10th anniversary of The National Fisheries Institute’s Global Seafood Marketing Conference (GSMC) last month in Orlando, Florida.  GSMC’s conference is a place where various sectors within the seafood industry can come together to hear market forecasts, gain insights on factors affecting the industry, and hear how to plan proactively for successful outcomes given market uncertainty. Equally as important, this conference was [...]
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