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Category: Finless News


Finless Foods Joins the Plant-Based Revolution

Where does Finless Foods fit into the plant-based landscape? Dead center!  In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients play a key role in the development of the product.  During our process, we developed a plant-based tuna product that is so good, we decided to bring it to market first.  Our plant-based raw tuna product uses nine whole ingredients. This offers an option for foodies [...]
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Finless Foods founded on Promise of Cell-Cultured Seafood

At Finless Foods, we want to expand how we think about and consume seafood, beyond what’s simply caught with a bait and hook.  We are exploring new technologies and have found exciting new ways to cultivate seafood.  So what exactly is cell-cultured seafood and where did the company’s inspiration come from? Believe it or not, horseshoe crabs.  In 2014, Finless Foods’ co-founder Michael Selden read [...]
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