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Category: Finless News

Hiring Scam Statement

It has come to our attention that there have been some bad actors using reputable companies’ names, including ours, to solicit personal information as part of a fraudulent hiring scam. Unfortunately, this is out of our control, but we want to make it clear that this behavior is utterly unacceptable. All of our roles are posted at and via JazzHR, and any role not [...]
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Finless Foods Joins the Plant-Based Revolution

Where does Finless Foods fit into the plant-based landscape? Dead center!  In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients play a key role in the development of the product.  During our process, we developed a plant-based tuna product that is so good, we decided to bring it to market first.  Our plant-based raw tuna product uses nine whole ingredients. This offers an option for foodies [...]
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Finless Foods founded on Promise of Cell-Cultured Seafood

At Finless Foods, we want to expand how we think about and consume seafood, beyond what’s simply caught with a bait and hook.  We are exploring new technologies and have found exciting new ways to cultivate seafood.  So what exactly is cell-cultured seafood and where did the company’s inspiration come from? Believe it or not, horseshoe crabs.  In 2014, Finless Foods’ co-founder Michael Selden read [...]
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