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Finless in the Wild

December 14, 2021

On World Ocean Day (June 8, 2021), we announced that Finless will be launching a plant-based poke-style tuna that mimics the delicious and satisfying taste, texture, and application of ocean-caught tuna.  Since then,  it’s been a dynamic and eventful last six months at Finless Foods, and we couldn’t be happier to end the year on such a high note. In the fall, we showcased our plant-based tuna at a series of carefully-selected events, kicking-off our product sampling with both future foodservice operators and consumers in key markets around the country.

This tour further validated our initial positive feedback as we heard repeated rave reviews and enthusiasm from chefs, operators, and casual foodies alike. We are energized to kick-off the new year with extra momentum, bringing the product to market with foodservice partners in 2022.  

We’re excited to share  a summary of some of our favorite events here!

New York City Wine & Food Festival 

  • Over 7,500 samples were handed out over the three day Grand Tasting Event
  • Finless Tuna was featured in different recipes, including Spicy Tuna Tacos, a colorful Poke Bowl, and a Finless Tuna Banh Mi Bowl.
  • Consumers excitedly asked when they would be able to see the product on restaurant menus, and chefs requested product to further experiment with recipe ideas and raised their hands to be the first in line to serve Finless’ plant-based tuna.
  • Finless Foods was featured in the VIP-attended Tacos After Dark special event.
  • CEO Michael Selden and CSO Shannon Cosentino-Roush were able to connect with East Coast potential operators and engage an excited culinary community.

LA Stakeholder Dinner

  • Finless Foods hosted over 50 carefully-curated friends, media, thought leaders, and potential operators in an intimate dinner at the Long Beach Aquarium.  The ideal backdrop for our ocean-based mission and message. 
  • Diners enjoyed Finless’ plant-based tuna in a Spicy Finless Banh Mi Bowl and Mango Tacos served alongside cocktails and dessert under the stars. 
  • Influential LA-based operators and chefs like Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill praised the product’s potential and versatility.
  • Other guests were moved by Finless’s mission to ‘create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives’  and wanted to learn more about the impact potential of alternative seafood.
  • The C-suite and Finless Foods’ Impact Advisory Board debuted Finless’ newly-launched  mission and impact video

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CIA Worlds of Flavor

  • Over 500 culinary and foodservice professionals gathered at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia in the Napa Valley to learn about culinary disruption and the cutting-edge trends in global flavors. .
  • Finless’ two tasting events were major attractions, featuring our plant-based Finless tuna in a Tuna Poke Power Bowl and Spicy Tuna Smashed Avocado Mini Tacos. We even had multiple attendees tell us that our plant-based tuna was the highlight, and best product, of the event. 
  • CSO Shannon Cosentino-Roush and R&D Manager Emily Benas  attended both for a meet and greet, generating excitement and answering questions, and also to learn more about the unparalleled CIA community,  just miles from our home base in the Bay Area.

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IFMA Presidents Conference

  • Finless helped welcome the foodservice industry back for an in-person gathering at International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s Opening Reception with a Finless Plant-Based Tuna Poke Salad which received rave reviews. 
  • The event brought together leaders from across industry groups like manufacturers, restaurant chains, distribution, college & university systems, healthcare, K12 schools, and manufacturing.  There was resounding support for this category across all segments of the industry.
  • CSO Shannon Cosentino-Roush was there to discuss the innovation and opportunities for Finless Tuna across many segments.

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We plan to keep up this momentum in the New Year and into our plant-based tuna launch, so stay tuned for the latest news on all things Finless.



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