Tissue Engineer

About the Role

As the Tissue Engineer you will create the scaffolding that enable Finless Foods to commercialize its seafood. You will participate in designing the material systems that support cell grown in small lab setting through fully scaled systems. This role will work in concert with the cellular biology, bioprocess engineering and food science teams.


  • Develop novel biomaterials and material processing systems for supporting cell growth in tissue scaffolding that can be scaled and manufactured at production levels.
  • Work closely with partners to improve biomaterial performance based on data and feedback, as well as survey the most current literature and presentations related to development of biomaterials and cells.
  • Engage with external partners and CROs to design, analyze, and interpret experimental endpoints to evaluate printed tissue biocompatibility and efficacy.
  • Translate the sensory and analytical feedback from the food science team into iterative improvements to the tissue texture to most closely emulate real seafood.
  • Work with team members on the impact of changes of inputs such as new cell lines, media formulations and biomaterials on the generation of tissue.
  • Generate engineered tissues and develop and perform specific assays to characterize the product in 3D culture systems in the laboratory.
  • Evaluate new methods, technologies and processes to independently advance the tissue engineering aspects of the company‚Äôs projects.
  • Present experimental result reports in a concise manner to colleagues and external audiences.

About You: Education & Experience

  • Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Bioprocessing, Bioengineering, or a related field or an advanced degree with an appropriate level of experience.
  • 3+ years in stem cell biology, biomaterial development, or biomedical device design involving fish, mammalian, or human cell culture.
  • Working with, designing, and characterizing biomaterials focused on cell therapy, immune-protection, or dermal tissue engineering.
  • Experience in biomechanical testing of tissues is a plus.
  • Experience in scaling R&D projects to pilot and production scale.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Tissue vascularization, cells in 3D environments, or hydrogels for tissue engineering will be highly valuable.
  • Knowledge of underlying molecular/genetic networks in relevant tissue types.
  • Knowledgeable and proficient in cell / biomaterial interactions, in vitro tissue formation, tissue engineering bioreactor operation and assays to support tissue characterization.
  • Understanding of analytical tools to assess cell/tissue device biocompatibility, efficacy, and durability.
  • Must have superior organizational skills with attention to detail, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and accurately, and be able to thrive in a fast-paced and low-structure environment.
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