Sustainability September at Finless Foods

On a mission to create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives, Finless Foods lives this out everyday by creating plant-based and cell-cultured seafood. Beyond the development of alternative seafood, we are embedding our ocean thriving values and sustainability practices into our daily operations. 

First, we are developing a Green Team, a group of staff within the company dedicated to bringing sustainable practices to our business. This will include maintaining a composting system, providing safe methods for electronic waste, and choosing environmentally friendly supplies for our office and company events. They will also provide training and educational resources to our staff for sorting items for landfill, recycling, and compost, and sustainability practices they can bring home to their communities. 

Second, we have created a new role and welcomed Howie Vogt as the Sustainability Lead. He is responsible for working with our science and operations teams to advance our impact initiatives and bring daily support to deepening our commitment to our mission. Howie utilizes his expertise to champion new operational strategies, establish new partnerships, and connect our staff with volunteer opportunities. Our most recent volunteer event is pictured below. 

Image description: about 30 people standing and smiling together on a dirt surface in front of a grassy wetland. It is a sunny day with blue skies and some white clouds in the background.
Image description: about 30 people standing and smiling together on a dirt surface in front of a grassy wetland. It is a sunny day with blue skies and some white clouds in the background. 

In the spirit of California’s Coastal Clean Up Day on September 17th, we coordinated an event of over 30 staff members trekking out to the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Park. In partnership with the Golden Gate Audubon Society, we removed trash and invasive plants from the coastline. We selected this site because it is close to home and a popular place for locals to appreciate the beautiful bay. This wetland is home to a variety of native birds, and we had some avid birders on our team who were excited to witness them nest in their natural habitat. We look forward to continuing our support of coastal communities, access to the outdoors, and habitat protection projects.

Where can you find Finless next? 

We have just wrapped up a joyful event on Sunday, September 18th at the New York Aquarium celebrating the Hudson Canyon becoming a designated National Marine Sanctuary. We partnered with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Society to commemorate the designation of Hudson Canyon, an extremely important marine landmark that lies in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson Canyon is the largest underwater canyon along the United States’ Atlantic coastline. It is home to a diverse array of marine life including whales, sharks, sea turtles, fish, and deep-sea corals, as well as robust fisheries and a rich maritime history. This designation will help to sustain many species, prevent habitat degradation of this thousand-year-old ecosystem, and provide research, recreation, and education opportunities for the more than 22 million people that live in diverse communities across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Finless helped to celebrate this event by creating and distributing ocean-themed coloring pages for children, and serving our plant-based tuna, in honor of the marine species that will now be protected by the sanctuary designation. 

Join us next as we head to New York to participate in Climate Week. The 14th year of this event operates in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly. Shannon Cosentino-Roush team is participating in the Climate Action Through Regeneration: Exploring Key Solutions For the Climate Crisis panel at NeueHouse to discuss opportunities for driving regenerative business models and Finless Foods will be hosting a booth at the Marketplace of the Future.

Can’t make it to New York’s Climate Week? Enjoy our plant-based tuna at Gracias Madre on the west coast in San Francisco, where this beloved restaurant will be serving our product later this month. 

We are excited to return to headquarters with more updates and insights on our travels soon.