Finless Foods


Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and mass manufacture pioneering marine animal food products for human consumption. Our objective is to create seafood sustainably using scientific cellular agriculture technologies, which will provide a cost-effective and healthier appetizing alternative to conventionally-caught and commercially-farmed seafood.


53 percent of Earth’s fish stocks are fully exploited, but consumption of fish continues to increase. Our hauls of fish will be smaller and smaller as the years go by, and governments will continue limiting fishing in order to protect our ocean ecosystems. This scarcity of fish meat means that the price of fish will stay on its rising course, putting healthy fish protein out of reach for all but the richest of consumers. The pollution of the ocean also allows for heavy metals like mercury to accumulate in fish, limiting the recommended consumption amounts of this otherwise nutritious and healthy source of energy.

Fishing is killing our planet. Our ocean ecosystems can’t take the strain of increased fish production, and fish consumption is in a steady rise. Money is being poured into creating efficient aquaculture systems, to grow fish in tanks on land for human consumption. While this is a move in the right direction, if we’re going to make this system as efficient as possible we need to rethink things from the bottom up. Aquaculture is a system of inputs and outputs, why would we have our expensive food inputs create energy for the fish only to have that energy diverted into things we don’t need, like swimming or having a heartbeat? Why can’t we have a system that only puts energy into growing the parts that people want?


By using a combination of well-established and cutting-edge cell culture techniques, a small sample of cells from a living marine animal will be cultured and structured in a brewery-like environment in the same shape as a fish fillet. We will then design a cheap and efficient growth media for this cell line that will allow our cells to grow quickly. Once we have this, we will lay the cells out on a structure that will shape them to both look and have the texture of real fish meat, because it will be - on a cellular level - real fish meat.


Merging scientific knowledge with business and product development experience, our founding team combines young entrepreneurs with veterans, all enthusiastic about achieving the company's goals efficiently.

Michael Selden

Michael Selden has a background in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked on the evolutionary biomechanics of mantis shrimp, the epigenetics of fusarium oxysporum, and in high-throughput cancer screening. He has also worked as a high school chemistry teacher in Taichung, Taiwan. He moved on to help coordinate scientific research at New Harvest and create a global network of scientists, compiling research to unpack and understand serum-free culture media.

Brian Wyrwas

Brian Wyrwas has a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked in and managed Dr. Thomas J. Fahey’s endocrine oncology lab, where he specialized in primary culture. Knowledge gained in primary culture gave him the tools to build his next project; growing fish meat from stem cells.

Daan Luining

Daan Luining has a Master’s degree in molecular biology with an MBA specialization from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. He performed research in the lab of Mark Post on the usage of microcarries for cultured beef. Furthermore, he was working at New Harvest as research strategist where he initiated projects to develop cell lines for cellular agriculture. He is now setting up the environment in Europe to accommodate research in cellular agriculture.

Noelani Benazir

Noelani Roy received her Bachelor's of Science in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2014. While pursuing her BS, Noelani worked in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Chase, where she fell in love with the underlying process and operations of scientific research. She expanded her passion, studying lean process development at Isenberg School of Management, where she received her MBA. With her love of science and lean in hand, she joined BSM Consulting as an Operational Excellence Consultant, specializing in lean deployment in the QA, QC, and R&D sectors of pharmaceuticals. She now travels the country, visiting pharmaceutical companies and helping to optimize their laboratory processes.