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Culinary Institute of America’s World of Flavor Intl. Conference & Festival

November 2, 2021

Check out the live feed below to watch Finless Foods, along with leading chefs and experts, explore culinary disruption and industry renewal throughout the cities of the Americas. For more information on the World of Flavor Intl. Conference, click here.



credit: Logan Mock-Bunting

What Does It Take To Make Tuna?

By Finless Foods Impact Advisor, Jack Kittinger Tuna are incredible. If you’ve ever seen a video clip of tuna in a feeding frenzy, they look like missiles, moving at incredible speeds. If you’re a mackerel, you hardly stand a chance. Looking at this amazing animal in action, I had to wonder, what does it take to make tuna?  I think it takes three things. First, it takes engineering. Evolution is the greatest engineer the planet has ever known, and it [...]