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Finless Foods Joins the Plant-Based Revolution

June 8, 2021 / Finless News

Where does Finless Foods fit into the plant-based landscape? Dead center!  In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients play a key role in the development of the product.  During our process, we developed a plant-based tuna product that is so good, we decided to bring it to market first. 

Our plant-based raw tuna product uses nine whole ingredients. This offers an option for foodies first and foremost as well as vegans and vegetarians, and those being more mindful of how much seafood they consume. We know people are more conscious than ever about the source of their food. However, it remains challenging to stay up-to-speed on the species, responsible fishing method, or what’s local or in season. With a plant-based alternative, diners can rest assured that they’re making a healthy choice all around. As a bonus –  millions with seafood allergies can finally enjoy the delights of sushi, poke and other dishes. 

At Finless Foods we honestly wanted to know what folks think of our product, so we started with chefs.  We are thrilled that they raved about our product– taste, texture, and especially use in their favorite recipes. Chefs cited the mouthfeel and presentation of the raw tuna product as being second-to-none and noted how well the product responded to seasoning and marinade. Finless will keep working with influencers and chefs to determine the full potential of the product on menus and in grocery stores. 

The plant-based seafood market is expected to grow an astonishing 28% annually in the next decade, driven in large part by evolving consumer interest and an increased spotlight on sustainable eating and ocean health. While the alternative and plant-based meat industry is already a multi-billion-dollar market, plant-based seafood is poised to make a splash (cheeky, we know) and to capture the tastes and attention of vegetarians, flexitarians, and traditional meat-eaters alike. 

Finless Foods’s plant-based venture is a natural broadening of our portfolio and company. We want to offer options that can help preserve the ocean’s biodiversity and health for years to come. 



Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Wins 

The third quarter marks another critical milestone for Finless Foods as we further expanded the R&D capabilities at our pilot facility, after wholly occupying the space in April this year. We now can grow our bluefin tuna cells at larger scales, quickly analyze their nutrient requirements, and produce our bluefin tuna sashimi prototypes with shorter iterations. Looking back on our 17-month journey, the construction of this pilot facility was not trivial, and we did it all during the COVID-19 pandemic.  [...]